100% pure essential oils; made frompalm wax; cotton wick for clean burn; 8" tall.




1st Chakra; Muladara/Base of Spine; Money/Red; Cassia, Clove and Nutmeg


2nd Chakra; Svadhishthana/Below Navel; Love/Orange; Cedar, Spruce and Rosemary


3rd Chakra; Manipura/Solar Plexus; Protection/Yellow; Bergamot, Lime and Grapefruit


4th Chakra; Anahata/Heart; Healing/Green; Lavandin, Orange and Tangerine


5th Chakra; Visuddha/Throat Center; Positive Energy/Blue; Moroccan Rose and Chamomile


6th Chakra; Ajna/Third Eye; Violet/Abundance; Lavender, Fir and Chamomile


7th Chakra; Sahasrhara/Crown; Violet/Happiness; Patchouli and Frankincense



Aloha Bay Chakra Energy Candle 8" Pillar