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"Not so long ago, the people of our world knew that all of life is connected to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. From the mighty whale to the tiny bee, every living being brings a unique and special gift. When eagle takes flight she helps us see new possibilities. When gecko calls out he reminds us to listen to our heart. When the wind changes direction or the sun comes out from the clouds, it brings a special message just for you.

'Animal Voices' connects kids with the unique messages from our planet’s most endangered species. They are calling to all of us now. If you listen closely they will share with you their wisdom and teach you to walk in peace with all of creation. "

Listen to the whispered call of Animal Voices... what message or gift is calling to you?"


31 cards and guidebook

Box approximately 4 1/2" x 6"


Chip Richards

Blue Angel Publishing

Animal Voices: Wisdom Cards for Kids

  • No returns on oracle or tarot cards.



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