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Agate Blocks- Communication, removes distractions, peace & healing

Agate Geodes-  Gives the total picture for decision-making.

Agatized Coral- Quiets emotion, brings self peace, visualization.

Amazonite- Attracts money & success by taking a risk, uranus energy

Amber- Fossilized resin, sunny happy, healing energy.

Amegreen-Stimulates healing & repair of the body.

Amethyst- Dreams, healing, intuition, peace, love, happiness.

Amethyst window Quartz-Meditation focus & positive spiritual feelings.

Ametrine-Guards against psychic attacks, calms the mind.

Ammonite- Gives stability & structure to life, provides insight.

Angelite- Psychic healing, re-birthing, dispels anger, balances.

Apache Tear-Protection, luck, removes toxins, calms muscle spasms.

Apatite-Inspirational, manifestation, spiritual attunement.

Apricot Agate-Elevates self worth, confidence, mythical exploration.

Aquamarine-Courage, calming, reduces stress, immune system.

Aragonite Stars-Grounding, attuned to earth goddess, concentration.

Arfvedsonite-Restructures & reorganized old patterns, smoothes changes

Aventurine-Bring prosperity and good luck

Azurite-Increases psychic powers, divination, prophetic dreams.

Banded Amethyst-Eases anxiety, depression, balances hormones.

Bismuth-Relieves emotional & spiritual isolation, transformation.

Biotitic Anthophyllite-Allows one to release things that are held onto that are causing problems or pain

Black Agate-Stone of peace, healing, grounding & centering.

Black Moonstone

Blood Jasper-Grounding mental energies, discipline, perseverance.

Bloodstone-Healing, victory, courage, wealth, strength, energy.

Blue Agate-Harmonizes yin & yang, self acceptance, stability.

Blue Aragonite-Enhances patience & assists to maintain strict discipline.

Blue Aventurine-Powerful mental healer, promotes well being.

Blue Beryl-Treats heart, liver, stomach, spine, releases toxins.

Blue Calcite-Gentle stone, recuperation, relaxation, sooths nerves.

Blue Chalcedony-Sacred Native american stone, ceremonial activities.

Blue Coral-Association with the sea, protection for sailors & travelers.

Blue Gold Stone-Throat chakra, communication, centering, garnish grief.

Blue Howelite-calm your own anger,reduce tension and anxiety

Blue Jade-Protective & bringer of good luck. Serenity & Tranquility.

Blue Lace Agate-Activates heart, third eye & crown chakra. Arthritis.

Blue Obsidian-Astral travel, enhances telepathy, opens aura to receiving. 

Blue Onyx-Throat chakra enhances self control, centering.

Blue Quartz-Promotes speaking ones mind, removes fear, comforts disruption.

Blue Tigereye-Calming, releases stress, slows quick temper & phobias.

Blue Topaz w/Hematoid-Gives insights & clairty, calms the mind for meditation.

Brazil Jasper-Shaman protection stone, holds solar energy

Brecciated Jasper-Shaman stone for magic, provides protection, balance.

Bronzite-Provides courage to do it, helps decision making.

Brown Tourmaline-Protection, brings peace, clears aura, grounding.

Bud Stone-Releases limitations, inspires ambition, ceremonies.

Cactus Quartz-Harmonizes aura, chakra points, physical body, fear.

Calcite-Energy amplifier, returns body to a state of well being.

Canada Jade

Cappacino Jasper-Helping in times of stress and illness,stimulates creativity and imagination

Carmel Jasper-Centering, grounding stability, boosts immune system.

Carnelian-Sun, fire, protection, peace healing, courage, astral vision.

Cats Eye-Happiness, serenity, luck, intuition, freedom seeker.

Celestite-Analysis complex ideas, mental activities, communication.

Chalcopyrite-Finds  lost objects, accumulates information beneficial to the user.

Charoite-Converts disease into wellness, reenergizes the body.

Chert-Memory stone, helps looking for lost items, stability.

Chevron Amethyst-Stress relieving, brings courage and inner strength

Chiastolite- Devotion, harmony, helps with dealing with change.

Chrysanthemum-Captures the big picture, removes obstructions from ones path.

Chrysocolla-Wisdom, love, drives off fear & illusions. attracts love.

Chrysoprase-Promotes love of truth, hope, personal insight.

Cinnabrite-Gives strength & flexibility to the physical body, attracts abundance

Citrine-Sun energy, protection, psychic energy, magical uses.

Citrine Points-Energizes every level of life, warming, energizing.

Clear Quartz-Protection, clears negative energy, clarity 

Coffee Jasper-Stability, balance, boosts immune system, clears toxins.

Copper-Combats lethargy, restlessness, stimulates optimism.

Coprolite-Reduces fear & promotes kinship with animal life.

Crazy Lace- AgateRaises low bio-rhythms, crates laughter & fun.

Dalmation Jasper-Balances mineral connect of the body, nurturer.

Dendritic Opal-Long life, good health, & prosperity, loyalty, faithfulness.

Diopside-Calms pets, muscular spasms, allows one to cry.

Dolomite-Builds the bodies muscular, blood cells, bones & teeth.

Dragon Stone-Shamans protection stones holds solar energy.

Dravite-Helps the body accept a replacement for not smoking & dieting.

Dumortierite-Eliminates stubbornness, stimulates spiritual ideas.

Echinoid-Pagan ritual stone, used in burials or creamatioins.

Elestial Rose Quartz -Clears fluids in cells, releases impurities, aids vertigo.

Emerald- Successful love, domestic bliss & loyalty.

Epidote- A stone to experience all aspects of ones life.

Epidote/Prehnite-Diagnosis stone, gets to the root of the problem

Fancy Jasper-Good humor stone, gives efficiency with details.

Fire Agate-Eases stomach, nerves, endocrine system. Aides prevention hot flashes.

Flint-Assists in viewing the unknown, enhances judgment.

Flourite Cleavages-Ultimate physical perfection, dispels negativity.

Fluorite-Stabilizes mental, physical, emotional, & spiritual systems.

Fossel Sea Urchin-Gift of the stars, telepathic communication.

Fossil  Teeth-Rituals, spells to bring in ancient wisdom, healing.

Fossil Stone-Enhance telepathic communication between present, future, and past

Fuchsite-Teaches true self-worth, aids with interaction with people

Galena-Reduces inflammation, heals skin problems.

Galena & Chrysocolla-Stone of harmony, wisdom, clarity & Love.

Garnet-Energy, protection, healing, strength, creates light shield.

Girasol-Gives clarity with visions and dreams.

Golden Feldspar-Locates missing objects, aids new discovery & goals.

Golden Fluorite-Aligns the will with the mind, brings intention into reality.

Golden Jade-Energetic & quietly stimulating, brings joy.

Goldstone-Made by monks for prosperity, attracts honor, wealth.


Grey Botswana agate-Enhances creativity & finding solutions to problems

Green Agate-Enhances mental, emotional flexibility, improves decision making

Green Aventurine-Money, gambling, healing, bringer of good luck.

Green Beryl-Strengthens pulmonary, circulatory systems, releases toxins.

Green Calcite-Increases success, prosperity, business, and fertility of all kinds.

Green Citrine-Helps to release what no longer serves you & to move on.

Green Fabric Jasper-Balances mineral content in the body.  Keeps ones energy high

Green gold quartz-Balances blood sugar, chronic fatigue, weight, hormones.

Green Goldstone-Brings a heart with meaning, heals heart matters.

Green Jade-Calms nervous system, channels passion.

Green Micalated quartz-Spiritual inspiration & stability & balance.

Green Quartz-Opens & stabilizes the heart chakra, & balances the body

Green Turquoise-Helps oxygenate the blood & increase the prana in the body

Green Jasper-Heals & releases disease & obsession, hearth chakra

Green Kyanite-Aligns & opens all chakras & physical, mental energy.

Grossularite-A stone of fertility,for challlenging law suits.

Grey Agate-Grounding stone, bringing about an emotional, physical and balance

Guinea Fowl Jasper-Protects against negativity and helps one to be grounded

Hematite-Protective & healing stone, aids attention & focus

Hemitite & Jasper-Promotes vitality assists moving through change.

Hemotoid Quartz-Protection, clarity, & healing, repels negative energy

Hemimorphite-Creates self esteem, happiness, & manifestation.

Hekimer Diamond-Energizes, enlivens, promotes creativity, psychic abilities.

Hiddenite-Assist in intellectual, emotional pursuits, provides insight.

Honey Calcite-Power amplifier & cleanser of energy, works with all chakras.

Howelite-Super calming stone, absorbs anger from you & others.

Hypersthene-Stimulates solutions & answers to problems.

Iceland Spar-Communication, excellent for clearing outer bodies.

Idocrase-Releases feelings of restraint & imprisonment.

Included Quartz-Provides nourishment & qualities required for success.

Iolite-Stimulates visions, astral travel, strengthens auric field.

Irradiated Quartz-Excellent for chemotherapy & radiation. Joint relief.

Jade-A dream stone, transmutes negativity & instills resourcefulness

Jet-Fossilized wood, harder than coal, enhances business.

Kambaba Jasper-Instills patience, eliminates toxins.

Kunzite-Soul retrieval, opens celestial doorway.

Kyanite-Never needs cleaning, psychic ability, connects with nature.

Labradorite-Protects the aura, keeps it balanced & clear.

Lapis-Accesses energy & sustains health, builds the aura

Larimar-Recognizing & braking self imposed chains.

Larvikite-Connects with nature spirits, grounding & protective.

Lavender Fluorite-Gives precise communication & rationality to intuitive qualities.

Laser Quartz-Used in healing, putting good energy in releasing negative energy

Lemon Quartz-Creativity, organization, optimism & well being.

Lemurian Jade-Abundance, gratitude, satisfaction, assists with spiritual quest.

Leopard Skin Jasper-Supreme nurturer, protection, balancing & centering.

Lepiodolite-Throat, heart, third-eye chakras, relieves stress

Lizard Jasper-Removes energy blocks, balances emotions.

Lode Stone-Attracts things, brings good luck, healing

Lodelite-Manifests ones desires, enhances communication with spirittual beings

Lemurian Seed Crystals-Connects with the divine feminine, assess knowledge.

Magnetite-Aligns the chakras, balances emotions, bones, hair.

Mahogany Obsidian-Grounds, protects, eliminates energy blockages.

Malachite-Transformation, changes situations, clears your path

Mangano Calcite-Forgiveness, angelic realm, releases fear &  trapped grief

Marble Jasper-Supreme nurturer, protection, balancing & centering.

Marble Onyx-Gives common sense with heart matters, good fortune & happiness.

Meditation Quartz-Creates clear perfect channel with pure white light.


Mooklite-Useful balance between inner & outer experiences.

Moon- StoneLove, divination, psychic sleep, protections, dreams.

Moon Stone rainbow-New beginnings, hopes & wishes, travel, good fortune.

Morganite-Brings a sense of peace, joy & inner strength.

Mosaic Jasper-Grounding, protection and warding off negativity

Moss Agate-Wealth, abundance, birthing crystal for midwives

Muggelstone-Great stone for grounding after meditation, re-centers

Multicolored Tourmaline-Brings mind, body, spirit & soul into wholeness.

Muscovite-Disperses insecurities, uncertainties, creates solutions

Nephrite-Balance's male & female, talisman of protection

Nimbus Quartz-Protection, purification, healing and grounding stone.

Obsidian-Protection.grounding, rituals, divination, creativity

Ocean Jasper-Development & continuance of business pursuits

Oco Geodes-Astral travel, stimulates immune system, healing

Olivine-Aura protection stone. Keeps away evil spirits

Onyx-Centering, alignment, releases grief, gives self control

Opal-Enhances cosmic consciousness, psychic visions

Opalite-Joy, Purifies, balances the chakras, clears aura

Orange Calcite-Energizing, cleansing, removes fear, overcomes depression

Orthoceras-Creates warrior energy, inspires imagination, courage

Peach Morganite-Connects with divine love, attunes energy of abundance

Peach Quartz-Attracts abundance, overcomes abuse, protect

Peanut Wood-Dispenses old programming, opens fresh innovative forces

Peppermint Jasper-Brings awareness and joy to your own body, emotional balance

Peridot-Releases negative patterns, gives forward movement

Petalite-Shamanic stone/angel stone, opens cosmic consciousness

Petrified Wood-Strength, grounding, gives ancient understandings

Picasso Marble-Develops creative talents, artistic enterprises

Picture Rock Jasper-Good for business pursuits, gives hidden past messages

Pietersite-Calms stressful situations, instills energy when needed

Pink Agate-Harmonizes yin & yang, self acceptance, stability.

Pink Aragonite-Love, peace, attunes to earth goddess, grounding

Pink Aventurine-Rituals of the medicine wheel, shows spirit guides

Pink Botswana Agate-Gives ever-present watchfulness during activities.

Pink Chalcedony-Manifests dreams, gives willingness to learn new things

Pink Opal-Stone of hope, great achievement, bringer of good luck

Polychrome Jasper-Stability,balance and grounding

Poppy Jasper-Organizational abilities, relaxation, and a sense of wholeness

Prasiolite-Links energy between heart & crown chakra, truth

Prehnite-Good Feng Shui stone helpful with de-cluttering

Psilomelane-Corrects unwanted behavior patterns.  Facilitates trance states

Purple Agate-Attracts strength, protects bad dreams, relieves stress

Purple Obsidian-Enhances spiritual growth, activates crown chakra

Pyrite-Money, divination, luck, psychic impulses

Pyrite Cubes-Regenerative power to energize & align the body

Quartz Crystal Points-Enhances psychic abilities & attunes spiritual purpose

Quartz Lazer points-Psychic surgery, healing, channels energy

Quartz w/Epidote-Enhances perception, stimulates personal power

Quartz w/Graphite-Softens difficult tasks, creates gentle strength

Rainbow Jasper-Strong protection eases emotional stress

Rainbow Moonstone-It deflects negativity and eases emotional trauma. psychic protection, clearing the mind and senses

Rainbow Obsidian-Releases hooks from others, draws stress away from the body

Rainbow Quartz-Brings rainbows into ones life with color & love 

Red Aventurine-Energy, balances male-female energy, root chakra

Red Jasper-Protective, promotes beauty, grace, stimulates energy

Red Malachite-Brings eternal peace and harmony,allows one to let go of past traumas.

Red Selenite-Earths angelic energies & aids earth healing

Red Sponge Coral-Cures indigestion & eye ailments, protects sea travel

Red Tiger Eye-Enhancing integrity of self and can be very grounding

Rhodoshrosite-Improves self-worth & soothes emotional stress

Rhonite-Increases strength & stamina, stimulates dreams.

Rhyolite-Represents change, variety & progress, clearing past

Rose Quartz-Stone of gentle love, peace, healing calming, nurturing

Ruby-Stimulates the heart chakra, nurturing, wisdom, health

Ruby Fuchsite-Detoxifies the body, overcomes victim tendencies

Ruby Zoisite-Crown chakra, soul memory, past life work

Rutilated Quartz-Vibration healer, spiritual growth, energizes

Sapphire-Protection, centering, relieves mental anxiety

Sardonyx-Helps to find solution to present & past problems

Satin Spar- SeleniteAligns spinal column, promotes flexibility, nurturing

Scolecite-Use to access the basis of a problem. Transform the heart to love

Selenite-Used to access past-lives & future lives, flexibility

Seraphinite-Self-healing, angelic connection spiritual enlightenment

Serpent Jasper

Serpentine-Healing, aids in calcium magnesium absorption

Shattuckite-Strong protection during channeling, balances the body

Sheen Obsidian-A shield against negativity,find your correct spiritual path

Shiva Lingam-Represent male & female energy, wisdom, purifies

Silicon Carbide-Stardust, creative visualization, creativity, crown chakra

Silver Leaf Jasper-Protection for both travellers and astral travellers

Smokey Citrine-Takes us in to places we deny in our selves.

Smokey Quartz-Collects scattered energies, dissolves negative energy

Smokey Window Quartz-Opens path for perception & learning, altered states

Snakeskin Agate-Brings cheefulness & joy of living, eliminates worries

Snowflake Obsidian-Produces blunt answers, inner vision, reflects flaws

Snow Quartz-Enhances tact & cooperation, clears victimhood

Sodalite-Emotional healing, stress, nervousness, fear

Spectrolite in Stripe-Initiates the analytical processes of the mind, exploration

Stramatolite-Past life meditation, tonic for well being, heals chakras

Strawberry Obsidian-Grounding stone, spirituality, relieves stress & tension

Strawberry Quartz-Stimulates the heart center, energy for total love

Stichtite in Serpentine-Stone of love calms the nervous systems. Calls on angels

Sugilite-Major love stone.  Opens all chakras, Questing stone

Sulphur Quartz-Willfulness, heals exhaustion, illness, infections, colds

Sunstone-Removes hooks to chakras & fills them with love

Tektite-Connects to extraterrestrial & enhances our higher knowledge

Thulite-Treats calcium deficiencies & gastric upsets, regenerates the body

Tibetan Quartz

Tiger Eye-Sharpens perception, focus & clarity, brings prosperity

Tiger Iron-Promotes vitality & helps in passing thought change.

Topaz-Stimulates the metabolism, manifest good health

Tourmalinated Quartz-Creates a solving atmosphere, eliminates patterns

Tourmaline-Attracts inspiration, diminishes fear, balances yin/yang

Tree Agate-Co-ordination, assists with management  issues

Turquenite-A sense of unity with all that surrounds us

Turquoise-Effective healer, solace for spirit, body well being

Turrtella Agate-Protection, opens channels between plant & mineral world

Unakite-Balances emotional body, finds hidden blocks

Variscite-Brings in courage & love, aligns nervous system


Voegesite-Assists in getting along with others, helps to diversity

Watermelon Tourmaline-Super-activator of heart chakra & to higher self.

White Agate-Purifies the mind & stabilizes the aura, balance

White Aventurine-Cleanses the mind & body, rejuvenates the spirit

White Shell-Calcium deficiencies, heals skeletal structures

Window  Quartz-Locates missing persons or lost items, meditation

Yellow Calcite-Help one organize intellectual thoughts and information.

Yellow Jasper-Protects during spiritual work, physical travel

Yellow Mustard Opal-Activates crown chakra & aligns all chakras

Yellow Obsidian-Defines the bases for ones path of action

Yellow Tourmaline-Stimulates solar plexus enhances personal power

Zebra Agate-Provides strength, promotes joy of living

Zebra Jasper-Supreme nurturer, protection, balancing & centering.

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