Coyote Wisdom 

Metaphysical Books and Gifts 

2338 N. Grand River

  Lansing,MI 48906



1) meta: transcending; physical:tangible

2)Beyond the physical; energy, the 'spiritual force' or fifth element

Psychic Reader Schedule

(subject to change, like all of life always, especially during a pandemic):

Mon 11-2 Jodi, 2-6 Sue


Tue  11-2 Kathy, 2-6 Sue

Wed 11-2 Sarah Irene, 2-6 Sue

Thu  11-2 Jodi, 2-6 Kathy

Fri    11-2 Sarah Irene

          4-7 Kathy

Sat   11-5 *Alternates weekly                      JoAnn


         Sue & John Charles


Sun  11-2 Tim, 2-5 Kathy

Call 517-323-1707 during store hours to schedule.


Click here for Psychic-Tarot-Oracle-Reiki Readers and Astrologers info.

Our new location is 2338 N. Grand River, four driveways east of our previous home.

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Coyote Wisdom, 2338 N. Grand River, Lansing, MI 48906 517-323-1707