Shamanism: Accessing Other Worlds with Susan Dyer

Sunday September 26th 2-4:00 PM

Shamanism is an ancient method of divination and healing. Through journey work in this class at Coyote Wisdom with Susan Dyer, you will be guided in travel to the Other Worlds to meet Spirit Allies and explore alternative methods of finding deeper peace, healing and empowerment. Beginner friendly. Please bring a mat, blanket, small pillow and eye cover. $35 per person. Class size is limited to six people, masks required. Reserve your space by contacting





Tarot for Beginners with Juanita Vela

Tuesday October 5th 4-5:30 PM

Learn the basics of how to do a Tarot spread of cards and how to decipher what the cards are telling you about the past, present and future. Bring your own deck or decks if you would like or Juanita will have one you can use. (Coyote Wisdom also carries  huge selection of decks for purchase on-site before class if you would like.) Cost per person is $35. Please register ahead as class size is limited. Text Juanita at 517-940-3160, email her at or send a Facebook message.  

Mediumship with Sue Dyer

Saturday October 30th 2-4 PM

Mediumship is the practice of communication between the living and the dead. Have you ever felt, seen or heard loved ones who have crossed over? Have you ever wished you could communicate with them? You can! We will explore communication with vibrations, frequencies, seance, trance and more. This is the perfect time of year to make contact, when the veil is thinnest between the two worlds. Reserve now by contacting $35 per person. Class size is limited.







Gentle Yoga with Deb Hart

Mondays 9-10 AM 7/26/21 TFN

This class is alignment-based, traditional yoga, welcoming to all, whether you’ve never been to a yoga class before or maybe you’re looking for a slower pace. Top priority is your physical and emotional safety.  Please email for additional details. $10 per class.

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