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Juanita Vela

11-2 Sundays

"My essence is to support others, to protect their light, to fight with them, teach them, and transform them; in this life time, it will be my chance to prove myself as a master of myself and to be the bright light for others to follow. During my readings I use a mixture of Tarot, Oracle cards & Runes."

Connie Ranshaw

11A-Noon Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Owner, Astrologer, Tarot


Kathy Cadwell 

Tues 2-6, Thurs 2-6, Fri 4-7, Sun 2-5

Intuitive, Tarot, Reiki



Jodi 2021.jpg

Susan Dyer

Mon and Wed 2 to 6PM, Fri 2-4

11-2 Alternating Saturdays

Spirit Messenger, Psychic, Accidental Medium, Reiki & Shamanic Practitioner. 




Jodi Leonard

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thurdays 11-2 

Reiki, Angel Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing,

Intuitive Tarot, Medium, Natal Charts

"My heart's mission is to bring love and healing to others."

JoAnn Anderson

11-6 Alternating Saturdays

Evolutionary Astrologer, Tarot Reader


Jennie Reinert

Monday & Friday 11-2

Oracle Cards, Intuitive Tarot,

Energy Reader, Aura Reader

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