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A psychic reading is about learning knowledge, encouragement, reassurance, and helping you to find answers. Some readings can involve spirits. Readings can help you see your path more clearly. Go in with an open heart and mind. Prepare to be amazed!

Ours readings are $45 for half an hour and $80 for an hour. The rates are the same for all of our readers. (Price may vary if you book with them during their office hours.) You can call us at

517-323-1707 to set up an appointment or we accept walk-ins!

Some of our readers offer office hours, they may offer other services as well as the readings. If you have more questions you can contact them directly! 

Connie Ranshaw- Owner, Astrologer, Tarot, Native Ceremony

 Appointment only

Kathy Cadwell- Psychic, Intuitive Tarot, Reiki

Tuesday 12-1, Thursday 1-5:30, Friday 4-7, 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month 2-5 (Office Hours Available)

Sue Dyer- Spirit Messsenger, Psychic, Accidental Medium, Reiki & Shamanic Practioner. 

Monday 11-1, Tuesday 2-5, 

1st & 3rd Sat 11-2 (Office Hours Available)



Cat Ryan- Psychic Medium,Tarot Counsler, Astrologer,

 (Office Hours Available) 



Sabrina DeVaney- Intuitive-Psychic Readings, cards on request, I will provide you with insight and clarity regarding current issues as well as upcoming events. I am honest, direct, and compassionate. My practical goal is to help you successfully manage your way through challenges and change so that you are prepared to achieve the best possible personal outcome.   Fri 1-4pm


Reiki Healing Sessions with Morning Sun Woman   Her native name is Waabinung Geezis Kwe (morning sun woman.) Her clan is Mahingun (wolf clan). Decendants of Odawa (Ottawa) and Cherokee Indian.

Thursdays 11-2

D'onna- Angles Dancin' Massage, Healing Energy Work, Massage, and Reflexology.

Call D'onna for an appoinment at


JoAnn Anderson- Evolutionary Astrolger, Tarot Reader- If you’re having relationship, money, or career troubles. She is here the 2nd & 4th Satuday 11-2

Carol Ray- Astrologer, Reiki, Hypnotherapy

 Call Coyote Wisdom by appointment only 

Shareen Ray- Psychic readings. She uses Wisdom, House of the Night and on occasion Life Purpose cards to Focus her attention. Reiki and Crystal Therapy. 

Monday 1-6

Wednesday 4-6pm

Melissa Cook

Psychic Intuitive, Tarot Reader, Astrologer, and Reiki Master

My goal is to help clients gain clarity on themselves, life situations, and events with a compassionate and direct approach. I draw from multiple spiritual and esoteric disciplines as necessary to both inspire and empower you to successfully navigate through life challenges.


1st & 3rd Saturday 2-5


Sarah Webb

Intuitive Tarot and

Oracle reader

Friday 11-1

Sarah Irene

Intuitive Card Readings, channeling, mediumship & other workings Tuesdays 11-1

2nd & 4th Sunday 12-4