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 About Coyote Wisdom

About Coyote Wisdom-
Coyote Wisdom is here to provide a safe loving place for you to learn heal, share, also by providing resorces to help you on your journey. With deep gratitude we thank you for your visit.


About Our Owner Connie Ranshaw-

I am the owner at Coyote Wisdom. I am a former administrator with the Learning Center for Astrological Studies. I have served as an officer with the Michigan Federation of Astrology (MFA). I teach spiritualworkshops including meditation and lectures and conferences.

My studies in Native American traditions has lead me to facilitate many ceremonies and outdoor vision quests where we can connect with nature and find out spirit. I also teach classes on understanding the Native American way and bringing this energy into everyday lifes.

I studied with Deepac Chopra and learned about Ayurveda and the interconnections of the mind body and spirit for total healing. The Chakra chart is part of Ayurveda and brings the mind body spirit together and shows your own unique patterns and rhythms and where possible blocks can alter your internal energy flow.

I am a Psychic intuitive Astrologer and card reader. I work with traditional tarot cards as well as Animal and Native American cards to aid in finding your journey, soul progression and bringing divine connection into your everyday life.